SUP face creative/basic collection


Designer of сollection – Jaz Da

jaz da

Design of the collection 2023

The design of SUP face boards was developed by American artist — Jaz Da (JASMIN JOHNSON).

Modern style

Jasmyn works in an ultra-modern style. Bright colors, surreal images and provocateur scenes are the identifying features of her works.


The artist uses the technologies of 3D-design, VR ART and AI GAN ART.


basic vs creative

  • Classic shape with high rocker
  • Classic backpack
  • Black coiled leash
  • Black double action hand pump
  • Sporty decorative pattern from Jaz Da
  • Paddle is aluminium
  • Black plastic fin Slide in (9 inches)
  • Max pressure 25 PSI
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  • Innovative shape with low/flat rocker
  • Backpack with anatomic inserts, enhanced wheels and bottom
  • Colorful coiled leash
  • Colorful double action hand pump with cooling tube and foldable feet
  • Full colour designer decorative pattern from Jaz Da
  • Paddle shaft is made of carbon, paddle blade is made of nylon
  • Coloured flexible plastic fin
  • Max pressure 25 PSI
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