About SUP face

We’ve been selling supboards for over 8 YEARS now, mainly working with premium brands. Finally, we came to the conclusion that all brands have their flaws and we set out on the quest to create the perfect board.

So, we've taken the best from different manufacturers and have created our own brand – SUP face.

The design of the boards was inspired by the creative visuals of premium SUP brands. However. Sup face have taken it one step further and created not only exciting looking boards but also paddles to match. We'll soon launch a wide range of branded clothing and accessories, too!

SUP Face
SUP Face

The graphics and print designs on the boards were created by the young, trendsetting american artist – JASMIN JOHNSON.

In terms of quality, SUP face looked up to Shark SUPs, who are renowned for their extremely high standards of production. That's why SUP face boards are manufactured in the Shark SUPs factory under Sup face supervision. The factory is visited twice a year and every stage of production is checked.

At SUP face Creative, we have developed our own uniquely shaped creatve boards with a lowered rocker. The know-how to do this came from the super experienced SUP face team — professional supsurfers who have test riddend hundreds of boards and know everything about all their riding characteristics!

There is so much more to tell you about our brand!

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